Broadcasting & Monetise

1.1 Q: Can I livestream your games or upload "let's plays" of them?

A: Yes, you are certainly welcome to play our games and share it with others. We'd love to see you playing our games. You could even message us on any social platform and we will review your video as soon as possible to improve our games.

1.2 Q: What are Broadcasting-Kits?

A: Broadcasting-Kits are collections of useful data for broadcasting. They include Images (e.g. Logos or High-resolution-screenshots), to use in your thumbnails or stream-overlays and documents with useful information about the specific game. They are only available for bigger projects (no mobile-games). You can get them from the matching page of the game. All of the data provided in them is free to use, edit or redistribute and are licensed under the.

1.3 Q: Can I monetise my videos?

A: You can monetise your videos on any platform that allows you to.